What if I don't know how to dance?

Come anyway! There are dancers of many different abilities and you won't be the only one who doesn't know how to dance. The best way to learn is to get out on the dance floor. Nobody cares! And there are lots of kids who will be glad to teach you what they know.

Can parents/siblings come?

Dances are for kids 13-19. Parents and younger siblings are always welcome to stay for the first and last 10 minutes to watch and take photos.

My child is almost 13, can he/she come?

We're sticking with a minimum of 13. We know this is hard for some of the siblings (including our own kids!), but hopefully it will give them something to look forward to. Our desire is not to exclude anyone, but rather to provide an atmosphere that allows our young men and women to socialize with their peers, exercise independence within a fun yet controlled environment, and build confidence through interacting with each other within the rules of etiquette.

Do you play only swing music?

The majority of the music we play is swing, but we add in two-step, waltz, salsa and anything else we may teach along the way. We also have a handful of group dances we do at every dance, which includes line dances to Footloose and Copperhead Road, an Irish country dance to Marie's Wedding, and a modern version of the Cotton-Eyed Joe.

Can I invite friends?

Yes! We ask that you only invite friends who will contribute to the group in a positive way by joyfully adhering to our etiquette rules.

What should I wear?

If there is a dance theme, we encourage you to dress in an outfit that reflects that theme. Costumes can be put together from items found in your closet or at the thrift store. We don't expect you to spend a lot on something you'll only wear for a few hours. If there is not a theme for the dance, just comply with the etiquetter rules and wear what makes you comfortable (shoes with non-rubber soles are easier to dance in). The only exception to this is the Urban Formal, where formal attire is required.

What should I do if someone isn't following the rules of etiquette?

Please let Julie or Catherine know. We are always present at the dances, but we can't notice everything. We want to know if anything needs to be addressed because preserving the fun, wholesome atmosphere is our top priority.

Will you chaperone our kids?

Partially. Julie and Catherine are present at all the dances and will address anything we see, but if the behavior is not corrected we will ask you to come pick up your teen. If we see folks going outside the building , we will ask them to come back inside - but we are not responsible for them if they go outside. The bottom line is that if you don't trust your child to be unchaperoned, please do not bring them to the dance.

What are the guidelines for PDA?

Since the dances are for teens, we naturally expect there to be some courting or dating couples. We just ask that they adhere to the etiquette rules of modesty in their actions by not displaying any affection beyond holding hands. This will ensure an appropriate, comfortable environment for everyone.


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