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Where it all began!

How did it all start?

(This already feels like a Charles Dickens Novel)

Like with most people in the Antiques trade I started off because my parents were antique dealers.

As a small child my father took to work with him to almost every Antique fair and market across the country (my mother needed to get me out of the house). I soon got the collecting bug and even as a small child, I started to buy and swap vintage toys and comics.

By the time I was 15 years old I regularly had a market stalls in brick lane and Greenwich Selling vintage toys, Art deco, tools, clothing and anything I thought was cool. Even back then I had a reputation for selling more unusual items. It was an amazing place and so different from where I lived. It had a real buzz and the people were so colourful. We regularly had famous TV personalities of the time as customers, such as Vic reeves and Jonathan Ross which was amazing, especially to a young boy! Not only did I get to meet people who are famous, but they liked my stall and collected the same things as me.

Its been almost 30 years and I still love Antiques and collectibles, the industry changes all the times but in truth it also stays the same for those of us who been in it a while.

In recent years we have seen a boom, almost every TV channel has its own show. Its cool to save and recycle. Collectables have been re-branded using words such as salvage, patina, industrial and Mid century, giving them appeal.

One thing never changes and that’s nothing beats the thrill of finding something rare or the satisfaction of a happy customers. Knowing something has lasted the test of time.

And today, nothing has change, we look for the weirdest and most items to make people smile!



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